You've been kidnapped with 38 other kids by Hamas terrorists. Can you escape the dark tunnels and find your way back to freedom?

On October 7th, during the Hamas-led attack on Israel, 39 children were kidnapped from their homes.
Now, more than two months later, most have been returned, yet they carry deep emotional scars. Their ordeal has left lasting impacts, and for many, their distress is worsened by the continued captivity of their parents.

As of December 10th, there are still 136 hostages - including women, men, elderly, and children - who remain in this dire situation.
Join us in raising awareness about this critical issue. By sharing this game and engaging in discussions, we can support the safe return of all those taken - children and parents alike. Every share, every conversation, brings us one step closer to reuniting these families and helping these children reclaim their lost childhoods.